Comment attached to first beat gets wrong bar number attached to it

As in subject. If I put a comment on the first beat of a bar, let’s say bar 10, the comment will say “, bar 10-9.” Is this a known problem or intended behaviour by some logic I don’t see?

The only way I found to make it properly display “bar 10” is to move the comment further into the bar.

No big problem I guess. But it would be good to have the comment where it belongs. If I am commenting the first beat…

Even better IMO would be if a comment on the third beat och bar 10 could register as bar 10:3. But that’s maybe not standard procedure.

I’m not seeing the same for me - are you using 3.5.12? If it’s happening consistently in one project (but perhaps not a new one you start from scratch) upload that project in a reply to this thread.

test_comments.dorico (581.2 KB)

Here is a new file I started from scratch. The problem started after using the scissors on tied notes over barlines. You will see in some of the comments that they show the strange behaviour.

Right, I can see that. I think it has something to do with the active selection when you created the comment - if you have items spanning bars 6-8 selected when you add the comment, that’s the bar range the comment will display.

If I show the caret at the start of a bar in the middle of a tied note, the bar range goes e.g. 6-5 as in your examples. I couldn’t say anything about why or how intended it is though, I’ll leave that to one of my development colleagues.

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As I understand it, Comments actually have duration under the hood, in exactly the same way as e.g. Notes or Playing Techniques. If you’re at a loss for what to do on a Tuesday evening, select a Comment type Shift-Alt-Right a few times and watch the numbers change :joy:

If the Comment is attached to a note, then when you cut the note in two the Playing Technique loses its duration entirely and - if it’s on a downbeat - the bar numbering (of the Comment) goes awry. If you attach the Comment directly to the stave without selecting anything with length, again, it’ll have a length of 0 and the bar numbering may appear as e.g. 13-12.

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To quote the mega-manual at p380 “…Comments exist outside of the music… However, you can attach them to specific items and staves in order to show the precise subject of each comment…”

This doesn’t appear to work, or at least is inconsistent.

eg. Select a note and enter a comment. Insert notes prior to the comment. The notes shift, but the comment stays in the same place. So clearly the comment is not attached to the note.

It works and is consistent: comments are attached to a note at a rhythmic position. They aren’t a property of a note per se. Perhaps that bit could get added to the manual?

I’ll double check that and what my reasonings were for saying “items” rather than “rhythmic position” - I suspect because of multiple-voice contexts. It can go on the list.

(On a side note, if you want to pass on feedback about the manual, it’s much more helpful to me if you can refer to the title of a topic rather than the page number - the way the docs are generated means page numbers are very fluid and there’s also a chance you’re referring to an older version with vastly different page numbers. The topic titles are generally consistent, or at least consistent enough for me to know what it means. Thanks.)

I can rejig things so that you don’t end up with negative ranges being reported in the Comments panel.


Dan. I’m not suggesting it doesn’t work, just that it may need some caveats/warnings on usage in some situations.

See this trivial example:

Once the first comment has been ‘actioned’ (stretch a note duration) all the subsequent comments become disassociated from the items against which they were initially created.

Now, imagine this were a large score…and perhaps one entire section had been extended using “(insert) edit duration”… The comments might be pages away from their original positions!

Yeah. Exactly the same goes for everything that isn’t voice-specific - dynamics, playing techniques, text, clefs, key changes, meters etc. and other voices. What if your comment was attached to a stave that had two voices on it, and then you used Insert mode?

The bigger issue is that Insert mode is voice-specific even in circumstances in which you’d rather it wasn’t. Improvements to Insert mode are planned. See e.g. Most important feature requests for Dorico 4 - #103 by dspreadbury

The option whether to insert time against a single voice, a multi-voice part, or the whole score would indeed be most welcome!

I believe Daniel has previously stated they intend to expand the options surrounding insert mode.