Comments can't work well when I have more than 1 project open

Comments don’t work well when I have more than one project open. However, when I close the other projects and work with only one at a time, it works fine. Sometimes, the comments get assigned to the wrong project and the other times the comments can’t be saved.

I’ve not encountered this problem myself. Can you say in a bit more detail what you’re experiencing? The Alt+C shortcut to add a comment will always take effect on the active project window, and the new comment will always be added to that project. Can you provide me with a set of steps that would allow me to reproduce this problem?

Alright! I got it. My bad. It’s not when there are two projects open, but when each project is on a different screen.

The issue might be, then, that you’re hitting Alt+C to open the comment dialog, and the other window is in focus, so you end up adding it to the “wrong” project?

No, the comment doesn’t appear. I’m having trouble recording both screens. If you replicate the error, does it allow you to add the comment?

I remember once when I duplicated the projects to make a series of changes. When I added a comment in one, it appeared in the other project. I haven’t been able to replicate that now. I’m sure I was doing it in the project I wanted because Dorico takes some time between switching projects.

The error I’m referring to now, I have been able to replicate with two empty projects where if I add a comment in the first project, it doesn’t appear, neither in the first nor in the one I have open in the other window.

I’m still not able to reproduce a problem here. Whichever project window has the focus is the one where the comment appears.

I replicate the error here and also discovered one more thing.

If you were referring to that regarding the window switching when the error appears, sorry, I didn’t understand you. As you can see, my English isn’t the best…

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