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A few questions about comments functionality:

• is it possible to edit the duration of a comment after it’s been created? i.e. a comment originally applied to mm.1-6, and I want to change it to just applying to m.2.

• is more granularity a possibility with comments, so that they reflect the actual rhythmic position of the event that the comment is attached to? i.e. Rather than the automatic annotation reading “Violin 1, bar 5”, having it read “Violin 1, bar 5, beat 4”.

• is it possible for there to be specific time-markers also automatically added, alongside date, instrument, bar number, etc.? i.e. “Violin 1, bar 5, 00:26.017”

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Although there’s no visual feedback in the display of the comment itself, you can use Shift+Alt+left/right to change its duration. At the moment, no, there’s no way to show the comment’s position within the bar, and nor is there a way to show a timecode.

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Thanks, Daniel. So helpful to know how to edit the comment’s duration.

I’d love to add a feature request - showing the comment’s position within the bar and timecode. It would be really helpful in certain collaborative contexts.

Thank you again!

Actually - one quick question for you, Daniel. How do I determine the exact timecode of a note / rest / chord event in a bar? I have been making annotations by pressing play and stopping right away and writing down what the timecode is, but this is variable, depending on how quickly I press the space bar. I’d like something much more precise.

Any insights would be most welcome.

Thanks as always,


You could select the note, then type Alt+P to move the playhead to the position of the start of the selection, and then look at the bar/beat/tick read-out in the mini-transport in the toolbar.

This is exactly what I needed. Thank you, Daniel.

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