Comments on iPad?

I can’t seem to find the Comments panel, as described here:


You can also add comments by clicking Create Comment in the Comments panels action bar

(from Dorico for iPad manual):

(I have to go via the panel, as I don’t have an external keyboard attached.)

It’s on the right side.

are you sure, you are using the most recent version of the iPad version?
Mine does not have that Comment panel, here is a screenshot:

Ah, ok. I found it.

Yes, it’s right there, at the bottom!

Yes - I just got confused as I couldn’t find it along the Popup panels…

Using a keyboard is fastest IMO, Alt-C works as normal.

Hi Dan,

I am trying very hard to use Dorico for iPad completely without external keyboard.
It is a small challenge, but so far it does work :slight_smile: To my advantage, I have quite slim fingers.

In the area of Popover panels the Comment popover is missing, screenshot from version

As the above documentation says, you must click the Panels button first (the painter’s palette icon). That screenshot shows the Popovers (the keyboard icon) – there are fewer of them. See Notations Toolbox.

I am wondering, why the developers left it out though. Comments will anyway invoke the built in keyboard. If one usually works with popovers, it is strange to only for comments have to switch to the palette - and then back to popovers.
Palette: 12 choices (including comments)
Popovers: 17 choices (comments absent)

There’s no popover for comments…

I understand Daniel; on my desktop I use Option-C so fluently that I got the impression it being one of the popovers :see_no_evil: