Comments on layout numbering and default settings


1. Layout numbering

It would be more convenient if the default number for the full score and the first part would be different. Now they are both 1, and this causes the export to have two pdf-files numbered 01. I also use the layout numbering to label all the prints (for library use); every printed part or score gets a sequential number. Now I have to manually renumber all the parts. Maybe a option in the settings?

Other thing about the layout numbering is that it always has a 0. ”01, 02, 03…” I use our system (requested by the orchestral libraries): full score is 1/25, first part 2, second 3 and the last part is 25/25. It would be nicer without the zero. Also a useful feature regarding this would be a token for {@lastLayoutNumber@}. Of course the pdf-files need this zero, but the printed version could do without.

Also a quick way to open/extend all the panels (parts) in setup would be timesaving. Or the layout numbering could be visible without clicking the arrow.

2. Text sizes

The size of text changes too much in the default settings. I would prefer the dynamic text font and dynamic music font to be the same size (so the text size doesn’t change ”mid sentence”). mp espressivo Also the default text size should be the same. The score seems untidy if there are too many different sizes (without apparent purpose to be different).



Hi Pekka, welcome to the forum.

  1. I absolutely agree the numbering between full scores and part scores is confusing for file management. I would actually prefer an option to label them sequentially as they appear in the layouts list, regardless of layout type.

However, I do find the zero helpful to keep file management sequential. Otherwise my files would be named 1, 10, 11, 2, 3, etc!

  1. I wonder about your font settings. I’ve never altered dynamic font settings, and my dynamics suffixes are always the same size as the dynamics themselves.

They aren’t the same size to my eyes (the dynamics are bigger than the text), but they are the right size by default IMO.

But if you use different fonts from Bravura and Academico that might change the situation - different fonts have different letter heights for the same font size in points.

I guess you’re right, actually… they just always “felt” the same size.

Thanks for your opinions.
I find the size difference disturbing to my eye. I alter the font sizes to the same size, especially when I use the word espressivo with dynamic markings and later by itself.

mp espressivo and later only espressivo