Comments on this mix? Soundcloud link....

If anyone has time…Ive about had it with this track lol.

Im having a hard time balancing the two violin parts and oboe, the bass seems muddy to me at times but when I try to fix it, it lacks oomph…bass drum maybe a bit much on this version

If anyone can…I’d appreciate it…THANKS!!

Nice, I really like the song!
The drums are a bit loud perhaps but nice recorded and played as well.
You’ve got some keys panned right if I’m not mistaken. I think they could come up a bit in the mix, but there’s some sort of crackle on them which I noticed especially when the song was nearing the end.

I don’t think the bass sounds particularly muddy, but I can see what you are after. It needs a bit more bite I think, but now ask someone else how to add bite to a bass :confused: :sunglasses:

Thanks for your comments!

I never noticed the piano crackle but I’ll give it a good listen. Lol my friend just told me he thought the piano was a bit loud on the right side…maybe I brought them down too much.

The drums are drivin me batty lol…there’s a shuffle in the high hats that I want to come thru to balance the swooning strings and oboe but they’re a bit high in this version…same with the kick drum.

And I think bass “bite” is like 200-400hz lol…I’ll have to look that up when I get home.

Thanks again for ur input man :smiley: !!