Comments scroll to the top in galley view

In galley view, I added a comment to one of the lowest staves. Pressing return will scroll the view to the very top. It’s a minor annoyance, because sometimes I can press tab to select nearby notes and bring it back into view (but it doesn’t always work – sometimes it selects notes without scrolling).

I would like Dorico to not scroll the view after I add a comment. Also, it would be fantastic if clicking a comment scrolled to its location in the view. Currently it scrolls to the bar position, but scrolls to the top.

Can you be more specific about what you mean when you say “pressing return will scroll the view to the very top”? Do you mean when you confirm the Add Comment dialog, or at some other point?

I select a note and press opt-c to open the Add Comment dialog. I type something in, and press return to confirm the dialog. Dorico inserts the comment icon at the correct place (the note I selected) and then scrolls the view to the top.

For me it is the same after just selecting a comment from the comments panel: I always end up at the uppermost staff, although the comment might be in the bottom.

I can’t reproduce this, I’m afraid. Could you please record a screen capture and upload it to Dropbox/Google Drive of this happening, so I can see exactly what you’re doing?

It’s no longer happening after a restart, so I can’t record a video.

I’m adding comments in the way you’d expect, as described above. If there’s anything unusual, it’s that I have multiple layouts open in tabs, and that the player I’m adding notes to was at one point the top-most staff in the system.

So if I were to try to replicate this, it would be something like:

  1. Add a player to an empty project
  2. Add a bunch of sections
  3. Add a bunch of notes to parts
  4. Create some custom layouts, open in tabs
  5. Move the top-most player somewhere near the bottom
  6. Add comments to that player

I will make a mental note though to record a video if I see weirdness again.

Dear Daniel,

you can find a screencap here:

I can’t reproduce that behaviour, I’m afraid. Can you attach the project?

of course!
It works totally fine in other projects for me, though, but it’s a consistent bug in this project
Bring it on Vorlagen Dorico-Korrigiert SE (1.01 MB)

Thanks very much for this. I’ve figured out what’s going on here now and we’ll try to improve this in the next version.