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Hi all,

is it possible to see the content of comments right away in the speech bubble (without having to click on them)?

When working on a score it is so much easier to see the notes directly.

Thanks, Stefan


I would like to have this as well!
Perhaps to have them show by default, then a single click collapse and a single click expands.

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You can keep the side panel open, so all comments are visible?


Thanks, yes, I found the comments in the side panel.

But, I think, this is not really efficient, as the comments are not to be read at the place they relate to.

Michele’s idea would be great, to have them expanded by default.

I guess it all depends on what you are trying to do. If you click a comment in the side panel, the the score view moves to where that comment is located. Similarly, if you click a comment bubble in the score the relevant comment is highlighted in the side panel. What more do you want?


For me the panel is good. Even the tiny speech bubble covers things sometimes! I don’t want things obscuring the notation.

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One doesn’t want to lose the screen “real estate” to leaving the side open, so the option to show them in place could be very useful.

Just a memento: you can also deactivate Comments visibility from the View Menu, or giving it a shortcut.

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@judddanby True, but the difference is that you can scroll to show what the panel covers; not so with signposts and comment bubbles.

@Christian_R Oh, yes, I made shortcuts for comments and signposts very soon after getting Dorico 3.5! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Interesting discussion. There seem to be different ways to use comments, and depending on that the side panel makes sense.

I like to use the comments to make notes for myself what I still need to work on, possible ideas etc… I like to see them at the spot they relate to in the score. So I can see them right away when looking at a particular spot. Therefore it would be more efficient to have the bubbles open (at least as an option).

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Directly seeing the content of the comments would be very, very useful! I actually use hidden text for precisely this reason…

Jumping to comments via the comments list only works if comments are visible. It would be nice if it worked when hidden too, and the comment bubble “flash” for 1-2 seconds to show where they are and then disappear. I can read in the comments list what the comment is about, I don’t need to see it in the music, but finding them in the music is not always so easy. The “yellow notifier” on MacOS that flashes a yellow background would be nice.

Also, it would be great if the default height of the comment bubble could be defined on a settings page. It is too close to the music as it is now IMO and obstructs things when visible. And, if many comments are in the same place, stack them horizontally rather than vertically.

@Stefan_B are you the same person as @stefan.b ?
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Hi k_b, yes, it seems I have two Steinberg accounts. Please feel to answer to any one, or ideally: just into this thread. Thanks!

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