Communication between Cubase and Wavelab

Hey there,

I have a click in a Vocalrecording. Ok, I opened the Audioeditor…then I was struck!
Whats this suppose to be? This is just an Audiodisplay cant edit anything!?
It`s completely useless!

Ok, I do have Wavelab 9.5 installed and I opened the corresponding file in WL (Cubase: Audio/Edit in Wavelab).
I edited the click, saved it in Wavelab and returned to Cubase.

The file is not updated in Cubase?! Its still showing the waveform with the click. Cubase is still using the old (!!!) Version with the click which doesnt exisit anymore as I have saved the modified version in Wavelab. :question:

Cubase is not updating the edited file - neither in the Waveformdisplay nor in the Audio?!?! :open_mouth:
So apparently Cubase and Wavelab dont communicate with each ?!? That doesnt make any sense!

What am i missing here?
Please help!


You have to press this button…

You can do plenty with Cubase’s audio editor. I strongly recommend taking a look at the manual.