Communication problem with the eLicenser Control

For the last 12 months I have had the stage 1 of the maintenance 'failed updating"
“A communication problem has occurred while accessing the data base”.
I am not sure why this happens.
I have downloaded the lasted version from the website.
Some guidance would be appreciated as I want to upgrade.

Although it is not clear why step #1 “Updating eLicenser License Database” does fail, this shouldn’t be critical, as you did install the latest installer from the website, and that installer always contains the latest version of the “eLicenser License Database” already.

This means, even if step #1 “Updating eLicenser License Database” would succeed on your system, it wouldn’t find anything to update (until a newer version of the “eLicenser License Database” gets provided by the server).

If you want to analyse and eventually fix the issue, please contact Steinberg support via e-mail and attach a “Support File” created using eLCC’s “Create Support File” action.