Community Feature Request and look on software


I don’t see a choke feature or am I mistaken?
Can we please add this Feature to cubasis!!
This is essential for music production.

Let’s make the workflow simpler By taking away
all unnecessary steps: I wanna Hear the transpose
effect Right after I move with faders
and not after I Press/tap on okay.

I would like to see:
Build In auto tune
Vari audio
built in key detection
Better sampler (auto slice, find transient)
Split/Transition effect (Combine to audio files)
Audio quantization
We need a special Vocal/audio plugin pack
for professional edits…

We need More features from Cubase
desktop to come to the iOS world!!

I hate to say It but When Logic Pro comes to iOS
I will not hesitate to leave this app behind.
Cause I believe steinberg had all the time they
Needed to make their costumer happy…

Bless up, Hebreww