Comp Editing 2 Tracks at Once? ie: Mic & Line of a Bass

My issue is that I recorded a stand up bass on 2 tracks. One mic and one line. I want to comp a final track out of all the takes, but I don’t know how to make my comp edits apply to both the mic as well as the line track. Is there a method for this? I did not set this up before recording. I just have 2 tracks with multiple takes of the same performance.

Thanks. This is driving me crazy.


This has been discussed here many times already. Unfortunately this is not possible.

Bummer. So only comping in single tracks.

Reads to me like you’re simply asking how to enable group editing, but Martin’s reply makes me think that I’m not understanding your issue. Are you saying that you’ve already comped one of the tracks and you wish to retrospectively duplicate the edits on the other (unedited) track? As Martin said, there’s no easy way to do this.

If you haven’t started comping yet, move the mic and DI tracks to a new folder, activate group editing for the folder (the = symbol). If the tracks are in sync, this group editing function will mirror any subsequent edits across all the tracks in the folder.

If you get a message saying that the “tracks are not in sync, group editing will fail”, then you’ve got some work to do to get them back in sync. Disable group editing, expand lanes for all the tracks in the folder, make sure that each take is on the same lane ie: take 1 on lane 1, take 2 on lane 2 etc. Then check that the start and end position of each take lines up across each track. Sometimes the best way to do this is to drag the starts and ends of each take all the way back as far as they will go, then line up the start points of each take across the tracks. Turn on group editing, and if all is in sync, cubase won’t throw sync error messages at you :wink:

Be aware though that in some situations, cubase will not properly group your edits if the lanes are collapsed on some of the tracks. Safest bet is to expand all lanes in the folder when comping.

Thanks brycem,

I have not edited any of the comp tracks yet. I just have two tracks (Bass mic, and bass Line) with a collection of takes throughout the songs various sections. I’ll look into the folder thing and see if it works.

Rhino, that stereo trick sounds useful, but I think there is a way to set ip multi track comp capturing ahead of time, at least from what I’f read around here. I just didn’t know about it until after the fact. I’ll have to look into all of this next time I open up the project.