comp editing problem...

during comp editing, I’ve accidentally switched something on, in lanes.
anyone knows why it’s happening, what function it has and how to turn it off?

i have 12 lanes.
I’ve chosen lane 12 and for a short section lane 10 and then back to lane 12.

during playback the parts I’ve chosen switch, just like they should, but when it switches to lane 10, at the same time, that same section of lane 12 lights up in grey.
i don’t know why this is happening, or what effect / purpose it might have, but i want it back to the way it’s supposed to be.

i just found out that when playback is stopped and i shift +click on the section on lane 12, that turns on/ off that grey marking…
it’s still on during playback though and i think it’s overriding the other lanes automatically, so i can’t audition them…

adding a screenshot of the situation…

What you posted looks normal. I think you are confusing two similar but different concepts together.
A) Choosing which Audio Events are heard during playback (selected using Comp tool)
B) Normally selected (Arrow tool) Audio Events like you’d do when moving, deleting or modifying a specific event(s).

In your pic all the Lanes are sliced into 3 sections, lets call them the Start, Middle & End.

On Lanes 1-9 & 11 none of the Events are A or B.

On Lane 10 the Middle is A & none are B.

On Lane 12 The Start and End are A; and the Middle and End are B

Actually I suspect but can’t tell from the pic that on Lane 12 the Middle & End are really one single Event that looks like it is split in two because of what is happening on Lane 10. If that’s the case I’d recommend that you in general make your cuts on the Track itself and not the Lanes below it so that all your cuts are aligned. But of course it is totally legit to cut Lanes in different places, but it can get confusing when you do so it is best to only do that when you really need to.

Greyed Out/Not Greyed Out - indicates what will be played.
Black background - indicates what has been selected.
These are independent of each other.

thanx for your help.

no, this is not normal.
it would be normal, if the grey section wasn’t there.
you can see in the screenshot, that the comp tool is being used, so it’s not the arrow tool.

“of course it is totally legit to cut Lanes in different places”
can you do that?

all lanes are cut in both ends, where there’s a short section on lane 10.
as seen in the screenshot, to the left, there’s a part of lane 3 selected and to the right, lane 5.
when i was having this problem, if i played through all parts in the screenshot, it would ignore all of my selections and only play lane 12 and that’s just wrong.

i finally restarted cubase and that seems to have solved this problem and it’s working like it should again.
i’m guessing it’s some kind of a bug?