Comp editing

I am a long time user of cubase, Nuendo, reason, logic, cakewalk, adobe, I’ve used them all. I have recently purchase cubasis 2 for my iPad. How do I do comp editing with cubasis? is it possible?

And how do I edit audio anyway? When you double click it expands the wave file, but there is no splicing option in the larger editor window? This makes no sense to me???

I don’t want to splice in the main window as the wave file is not y’all enough to see well. You can certainly stretch it longer, but not wider. And when you double click it and the larger wave window opens, there is no way to slice. Seems it should be a simple click and drag function.

And when I erase, it just erases the whole file or it puts it out of sync. Either I’m missing something completely, or this is an unusable program for anything more than a demo.

Please help, there are no video tutorials on the web!!

Hi shaynemasonvincent.

Welcome to the Cubasis family!

Here are the links to our available Cubasis tutorials:

Cubasis teasers and tutorials
Steinberg Mobile Apps YouTube Channel

Please let me know if this helps to answer your questions.