Comp Key/Mouse modifier?


I couldn’t find a way to assign the Comp tool to a key shortcut or a right-click

To switch easily between the pointer and the comp

Is it doable?




If I’m right, this is not possible. With the Object selection tool you can click to the square in the bottom center of the Audio event. This works the same as the Comp tool.

Thanks (again) Martin

Your tip works fine!

I have assigned my nr 8 key (not numeric keys) to the Comp Tool…

… I thought this were the default Key Command for the Comp Tool, but I may have changed it?

I have also doubled the Selection Tool to the nr 0 key… To keep them close, and to be able to change fast between them with my Index and Ring finger.

Oh yes, you are right, if course it’s possible to assign a KeyCommand. It’s a dedicated tool… Sorry for my previous misleading post and thank you for correction.

Thanks Carvin, how do you assign a Key Command to the Comp tool?

I looked in the preferences but could not find it




In the Key Commands > Tools > Comp Tool.

Thanks and oops, forgot about Cubase Keycommand menu…all is good :slight_smile: