Comp Meters next to Channel Volume Meters

It would be very nice not to have to open the channel and then the dynamics tab just to see if/how well the compressor is working. I know that you can expand the the channel strip without opening the channel. But then you have to use the cursor to adjust the window, so you can see the meter,which is even more cumbersome.

Without the visual feed back, you might even forget that you have a channel dynamic running! It would nice to just be able to look at the channel (like on the Harrison Mix Bus) and see the volume meter going up and the compressor meter going down.

I’m guessing this would possibly result in some difficult decisions on just which plugins to read and where they’d sit. Are we talking about 3rd party plugs or just stock plugs? If it’s stock plugs; in the rack or as inserts?

I happen to like the regular stock compressor that I use as a plugin. I think it’s versatile and pretty clean. If that was in the rack and appeared as you say as a downwards line I’d like that quite a bit. Thinking ahead I could see the use for exactly the same thing but with the included deesser. But then we’re into customize-land…

I’m talking about the stock channel compressor.

Racked gear (which 3rd party and/or inserts emulate) would not show on a real mega buck desk. You’d set it in the rack and dial it in. But the channel comp is already hardwired right there. All of the small format digital desks (DM2K, 02-R96, DMX R-100, Tascams and even my DA-7) have this. If you activate the channel comp, you can see the gain reduction right next to the channel volume meter. So similarly, placing a second row of leds wouldn’t be that big of a deal for the N7 programmers. But it would sure make things easier at our end, not having to open the channel just to check the readout.

They have this built-in already - unfortunately, only visible in the meter bridge in the MixConsole. Enable that, and you will see… Its a shame they can’t/haven’t been able to bring this to the Channel meters yet… I have requested it before (Cubase user here…!).

BTW - see how elegantly this works in Studio One; and the way they’ve made an SDK extension available to 3rd parties, so others can take advantage of the functionality too… For example, FabFilters new Pro C2 (vst3 editions only) works, just like the stock Presonus comp (on an insert). I don’t have it myself… just reading off KVR folks posts…

It looks like a useful visual cue, so,

Thanks for the tip. Now I need a 36" tall monitor to open all the windows to monitor this stuff (LOL). :laughing: It would be better placed down on the fader module, where you’d EXPECT to see it. :wink:

Huh! I missed it. Thanks for letting us know!