Comp tool cursor changes to selection cursor

In Nuendo 12.0.30 on macOS 11.6, I select the comp tool (by a shortcut key I assigned myself), and after under a second the mouse cursor changes back to normal object selection (arrow) cursor. I am still in comp tool mode, but have no way of telling (except by looking at the toolbar in the upper zone). Is this a known issue?

EDIT: This actually happens to all my tool cursors now - range selection, eraser, mute tool, warp tool… They change for half a second, then instantly change back to the regular arrow cursor.


Are you using any special hardware to control your cursor, like a trackball, etc., and have they been cleaned recently?

Also, how about your keyboard? Does it have special function keys which might be misfiring?

I have had similar things happen with dirty hardware which misfires. Sometimes it messes up the cursor, somewtimes only a specific key keeps getting misfired.

Thanks @noeqplease!

Magically, it seems to have fixed itself. Maybe all I needed was a couple of restarts. :nerd_face: