Compact midi keyboard controller for beginner composer?

I am learning how to play piano, and I got Roland FP-60X piano. I also decided to get into midi composing. I decided to go with Cubase as a my choice of DAW. So I am looking for a compact (I am limited in desk space) midi controller that has 37, 32 or 25 keys (37 ideally though) and has native integration with Cubase, basically plug and play sort of speaking or at least an easy set up. As I said - this is for composing and absolutely not meant to be for a live performance. I am on Windows 11 and willing to spend up to $250 on it. Any suggestion? Thank you in advance for any advice.

You can just use your Roland as a keyboard controller for Cubase. No need to get anything else (unless you want to of course). Plug the USB connector of the keyboard into the computer running Cubase and turn the keyboard on. Now when you launch Cubase your FP-60X should be available as a MIDI Input device.

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Thank you for your reply. Yes, i know i can use my piano as midi controller, however i use a desktop not a laptop (l am motion graphycs designer and music is my hobbyonly), and the way my work place is set up i am not able to use my piano cause of the space issue
So i amlooking for something small that i can just set on my desk when composing, and put away when im not.

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thank you, I’ll look it over.

That sweetwater link is a good suggestion. Don’t hesitate to contact them for advice - they know their stuff. I’ve had nothing but positive experiences with them.

It might matter if you have an idea of what you want to use for your composing.
It might be worth getting an Arturia controller if you intend to use their suite of software instruments, or a Native Instruments one if that’s what you see yourself using (Kontakt, for example).
I have the Native Instruments M32 and it’s decent, but if I’d be shopping for a mini-controller now, I’d actually get a Yamaha Reface, which is also a hardware instrument (either the CS virtual analog or the YC organ).

Thanks digitallysane for the response. As the matter of fact I settled on Native Instruments M32. Already ordered from SamAsh. I think it is a good choice for what I want to do, also size and price wise. Yamaha Reface does look nice, but it is out of my budget.

I just purchased a Donner DMK25 Pro and it is the best small (actually smallest) controller I’ve had Lots of control and even the pitch bend and mod strips cab assigned
DMK25-Pro - Donner.