Company Still in business ???

Is RME Still alive as a business ??? i can’t get on website to dnload … Win 7 64 bit drivers for DSP 9652

TY but i just tried that link and i can not connect to it. i know i am oon the net 'cause i’m typing to you …

Link works fine here!

this is where i’m glad i don’t have a gun …I cannot connect to that website … i have no idea why …

Maybe it’s a temporary condition in your country, have you tried deleting your cookies?

i have done that … still no go … can u tell me if there are drivers for 64 bit DSP 9652 card ???

Windows XP, XP64, Vista, Vista 64, Windows 7 32/64. Supports ALL HDSP and HDSPe cards/systems!

Looks like it.

Because of the nature of the Internet you may not be able to reach some sites sometimes, while you are able to reach others and other people may be able to reach the site you are not. Happens all the time.

What browser?


Are you suggesting that a German business would have taken part on this ridiculous American-based protest? Come on! There’s a whole world outside of The Good Old U S of A!

I suppose I shoulda put a smiley after me post. Sumptin like