Compare option similar to Logic 9

So I made the move to Logic last year and while its a pretty sweet DAW, I still find Cubase easier to navigate. I do prefer the logic native instruments/effects tho but I use a lot of third party vsts’s or the virus c/nord lead so that part is not that big of a deal. Ive downloaded the demo of 6.5 but haven’t got a chance to try it as Im out of town and don’t have the dongle. Anyways, there is a feature in Logic where you after you’ve made changes on any VST instrument you can hit compare and it will reset back to what it originally was and you can go back and forth to check. Does C6 have a option similar to this?

AFIK the undo functionality in Cubase does not include changes made to settings on a VST, unfortunately. A VST instrument/effect need to have that kind of A/B functionalty built into the plug-in from the manufacturer.

Cool thanks for the quick response. I didn’t think it did but figured Id ask. Thats probably one of my favorite features of logic. I have a tendancy of taking something I like, tweaking it more and more and ruining it!!!

Sounds familiar :wink: