Compare two plugins with one click

If you have two different plugins (say, two different reverbs) it’d be nice if you could mark them somehow and disable one enable the other (back and forth) with just one click so you could hear immediate difference rather than manually disabling one, and the enabling the other.


Like an A/B feature. But how would you implement that (easily)?

How about this?
use undo to A B 2 inserts.gif

I have had need for this! But I want to generalise it a bit so that you can flip two sets of plugins in a channel.
For example compressor before EQ on one set and a compressor after EQ. And generalising further it should be for sends two. Connecting to reverbs I usually do with a FX bus. And if I have two reverbs I have two sends. For a A/B think I would prefer to have the send set switch per channel than switching on the FX channel itself.

DOPE! never really thought about that. Thanks steve!

Well to do that you could simply save 2 track presets and then switch between them. I know an A/B button at the top of the insert slots (or something like that) which switches between 2 different plugin sets would be nice to have, but its definetely possible with tools we already have. And its not a feature at least I would consider to be thaaat much time saving, as also on a A/B approach entire plugin chains will need to get loaded/saved etc. and usually thats what takes the most of the time.

What I generally dont like about comparing entire track presets is that they’re gonna f*ck up your plugin automation, but theres no real workaround at the moment I guess. That could be where the A/B approach could shine.

+1. Nice feature.