Comparing projects changes - log/table comparing 2 CPR files

I though of a time and headache saving feature I would like to see in cubase which will allow me to see what tracks had settings changed compared to a previous mix version.

What I mean is the option to see a simple log/table comparing 2 CPR files in which tracks that have different setting will have indication which ones are different.

I feel like it could help reviewing changes, going back and forth between different mix versions, and when mixing an album which is based on the same template - it will be easier to import the correct track setting as you go along importing changes/fixes to newer versions.

Hope it makes sense :slight_smile:


For this one, you can use the MixConsole Snapshots.

Basically, you’re right.
But that is on per project basis, and in case a user actually used snapshots.

What I suggest can allow you revision specific changes between Finalmix235.cpr and Finalmix452.cpr :slight_smile:
While making it easy to import only the right tracks in case it’s needed.