comparing Protools to Cubase license question

I’ve been using trial versions of both Cubase and Protools that I received as part of an interface purchase. I was sort of leaning towards purchasing Cubase until the hardware dongle requirement surfaced.

Cubase literature that I can find on it, says nothing other than its required.

Can someone answer specifically if I must have that dongle plugged into my computer every time I open Cubase, or, is the hardware only required during initial set up? As well, can someone please comment on if the dongle can be used on 2 computers or only one? I use my laptop when I travel to record and ‘tweak’ recordings, and my desktop to record or process music. Must I have 2 licenses in this use case?

Thank you to anyone who could help clarify this :slight_smile:


The dongle is not required for Cubase elements. For pro and artist, yes the dongle is required to use the software.

You can install Cubase on both computers. The license is linked to the dongle, so to switch which computer can run Cubase, you move the dongle.

Thank you Lee! Very much appreciate the help.

I am ‘port poor’, so having the port always occupied with a usb key is a problem. I don’t know anything about Elements, but will take a look.