comparison W8 to W7 audio performance

What do you think?

B/ Tumppi

W8 will work overall about the same, I guess, but I don’t like it a bit…

I hope we/I can stay some more years with win7… hoping that the audio-software-companies will not force me to update here… there is currently no need for me.

I am also extremely satisfied with the stability of Win7 64.
But I am sure, industry will think of something to force us into spending money for
either hardware, software, compatibility reasons.

Btw, I have such a stack of FX and softwares that I hardly need anything new, unless, it is just too much of a must have toy. The gadget I am waiting for the most would be Melodyne Studio 4. This must be the greates blockbuster of the year or the greates flop… They work on it for years, now, to get this DNA thing and some more secrets working multitrack. Or they’ve been bribed by the collected composers societies to never let the full capabilities of DNA out of the bag.

Big K