Compas time complex

Hello friends of Steingberg. I do not speak English and I use Google translator, I’m sorry. Thank you for all your work. I have a suggestion that I think now can not be done easily … or maybe I’m wrong.
The subject of composite bars by example: 3x8 + 3x8 + 2x8 + 3x8 is a compass time of 11x8 but if I put the metronome to 11x8 it does not mark accents. And it would be very different from 3x8 + 2x8 + 3x8 + 3x8 = 11x8 as well. It is clear that I can use the beat track but in this case it is more complex. My proposal is some option to create breaks of compas time that can be memorized and used easily. I will be very happy. Thank you very much