Compatibility and other requests

Dear Steinberg:
I have come through the various paid iterations of Cubase for the many years, where, so far, I’m a devoted buyer of your products.
Of course, the landscape changes in terms of delivery formats and available synthesis, instruments, and available libraries of sounds.
With over 200 musical sketches and productions, from 2017 to today, and as I don’t care about your programming difficulties, I need to recall any era of these productions from 2017 until now quickly and easily.
I upgraded from Cubase to Nuendo 11 and then to Nuendo 12 for the immersive mixing capabilities and I am particularly disturbed that I have go back version to have the original instruments usable.
I have been involved with the design, construction, set up, and calibration with many postproduction Atmos clients that need as many shortcuts as possible, advantages, and ease in producing multi-channel sound product.
YOU! the DAW designers need to hear what the typical needs are:

  1. Make everything especially Instruments and their content backwards and forwards compatible. PERIOD!
  2. After composing any piece in stereo, provide a 1 button push to start the immersive mix. Populate all channels with immersive panners and routing and install the renderer.
  3. Create an output channelization matrix from any master output to any renderer and any rendered output to any loudspeaker.
  4. Start making the Atmos and any additional necessary formats available at publishing time.
    Thanks for any attention to this wish list.
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+1 totally agree