Compatibility between systems

Hello everyone.

I have some questions regarding opening projects on different systems.

Would I be able to open up a Cubase 6 project on a 32 bit C6 if the project was created on a 64bit C6 version?

Am I generally able to open a Cubase 6 Project on a PC if it was created on a Mac??

Thanks four your help.


It depends on things like how much memory the session in 64Bit was using… for instance if you were to be running a VSTi such as halion 4 with more than 4GB of samples loaded then no you would not be able to do it… only if you were to freeze the channel/s first to free up RAM.
Also you need to have the same plugins etc on both machines, you will most likely have to reconfigure your connections though if the other DAW is using a different interface or the same type but configured differently…

Done it LOADS of times!

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The EWQL Play engine used to use the 32bit version if a project loaded with the 64bit version was loaded into 32bit Cubase, BUT would NOT reinstate the 64bit version when reloaded into 64bit Cubase.

Not sure how it is now, but that is just one of the many things that could possible change.

If the target system does not have the same plugins used in the project, there is the likelhood that it will sound very different, with no help to get back to the same sound.

And round tripping (cycling projects back and forth) between systems is very unlikely to work, without some massaging.

The only way to reliably work with old projects (that is, keeping the exact sound without flattening/rendering to pure audio) is to keep the exact system on which they were done, but that could get very expensive and be a nightmare to maintain!!