Compatibility Cubase 11 and chipset "Apple" M1

Please note cubase 11 is not compatible with the Apple M1 processor. I bought a Mac mini with an intel i5 processor and macOS Big Sur. I installed Cubase Element 11 which worked fine.
The Mac mini broke down (hardware), my dealer exchanged it for a Mac mini with the M1 processor and macOS Big Sur as well. Unfortunately the software does not work. I installed Rosetta 2, uninstalled and reinstalled the application, with no success. If you want to switch to a Mac with the M1 processor, don’t buy Cubase, but rather other software like Logic for example.
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Hi Stephane - and welcome.

There are lots of software developers that don’t have working solutions for Apple silicon just yet. And bear in mind even if you buy logic that your audio interface and plugins might not work.

It’s a bit of a mess, but that’s the Apple way :slight_smile:

I think you’ll find that it will all be fixed fairly swiftly.

I hope! :pray:
Best regards

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I am sorry to say but beside Cubase 11 everything works perfectly with M1, under Rosetta 2. Cubase 10.5, Native Instruments (Kontakt, replika, raum, massive), Fab Filter’s plugins, Slate Digital all access, Acon Digital, Ik Multimedia, Antarestech and I can continue like this for around 300 plugins that I’ve installed and use everyday inside of Cubase 10.5. Unfortunately Cubase 11 is full of bugs also on Windows and Intel Macs.