Compatibility issue between Cubase8 and EastWest Play.

I have a problem with EastWest Play in Cubase 8 that I didn’t in Cubase 6. I can’t change the instrument in the player. In the upper right corner of the player is a window, next to the “browser” button. Clicking on that window brings up a list of all loaded instruments. clicking on a specific instrument, brings that into the player for tweaking. In Cubase eight, it is not possible to click on an instrument, because the instrument selection window disappears as soon as the curser is moved. So the only way to get a specific instrument into the player is to go back to the browser, and highlight the instrument there, and then go to the player. It’s not a disaster, but it’s very irritating, and it wastes a lot of time and interrupts the workflow. Does anybody else have this problem, or know a fix?