Compatibility issue *.cpr from CB7 32 bit in CB7 64 bit

I created extensive recordings in cubase 7.06 32 bit on OSX. Once at my studio I tried loading the proyect in my cubase 7.06 64 bit on Win 7 64 and a backup partition on windows 8 64 with cubase 7.06 as well and got a real bad cubase crash on audio file load and mixer create.
My PC: Intel I7 3rd gen 6 core and 32 Gb of DDR 3 1600 Memory with a ASUS P979 Delux mother board.
Does anyone else report that problem ?
I had to install cubase 7.06 32 bit to be able to open those projects which was very annoying since I had to install all of my plugins 32 bit versions.
Any fix for this in the future?