Compatibility issue with bar repeats and repeat endings?

Hi all.
I’m trying out Dorico 4 for the first time and I can’t figure out how to add a Repeat Ending on (part of a) Bar Repeat section.

What I’m trying to achieve (screenshot made in other notation software):

Is this at all possible? Thanks!

Edit: I found out that if you add the repeat ending first, you can add te bar repeats afterwards. This works well, but I wonder why it is not possible to do it the other way around.

Welcome to the forum! I guess this is because the bar-repeat region is a single object 3 bars long, and there is nothing else in the bars to select. Of course you could create the ending lines in the wrong place and move them to the right place, but the solution you found is probably better.

You can also position the caret in the middle of the bar repeat region and add the repeat ending that way.

But there isn’t a way to make the 1st ending 2 bars long from the caret, is there? For my info.

No, that’s right.

Thank you for your reply! I now have multiple ways of doing what I want!

Thanks for your reply! This option works indeed. I’m glad that there are multiple ways of doing what I want!