Compatibility of pro 9.5 and artist 13

My son uses cubase pro 9.5 at school. We are thinking of getting cubase Artist edu 13 for him to use at home. Will his files be compatible across both of these?

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Yes, the projects are compatible.

If you use any feature, which is part of Cubase Pro but not in Cubase Artist, the feature will be disabled. In the past, you can meet this especially with the VariAudio, but this is part of Cubase Artist 13 too. But Direct Offline Processing is not in Artist, VCA, Expression Maps (for example), some plug-ins.

If you would exceed the track count limit of Cubase Artist (I don’t think this could happen), the track is going to play back, bit you cannot edit it.

You can see the whole Cubase editions comparison chart here.

Thank you!