Compatibility with new MacBook pros

Hey there,

I bought a steinberg mr816 several months ago.

My MacBook pro has since crapped out.

I am thinking I will buy the new model, which came out yesterday.

It seems there is no FireWire on the new MacBooks, just USB 3.0.

Will my steinberg mr816x be compatible with USB 3.0 through a FireWire to USB convertor or something?
Will I have more issues with mountain lion when that is released?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated-- otherwise its off to eBay for this interface.

Thanks yall,

Only the Retina display model looses the Firewire port; the non-retina macbook pros retain their firewire 800 ports.

As for the adapter…who knows?

Apple is also going to offer a Thunderbolt to Firewire 800 adapter - at least that’s what they said on the WWDC so it shouldn’t be a problem to use the MR816 on the new Macs.