Compatibility with upcoming OSes

The new OS for Mac is coming soon (September 21st) and the statement from Steinberg says that they will start testing the compatibility from October.
So, the simple question is: Why the hell this people can’t test it before the release date of the new OS? After all, all the software company do that!

if I were you… id wait before you jump onto a new major OS update of any strain… there are usually always compatibility issues or some annoying bug. if you have a fully functioning “it ain’t broken” sys working for you now, why would you take that step and find you are in all sorts of unchartered waters. Best to hang back for a bit until any issues are sorted out.

Maybe Apple hasn’t been forth coming in releasing the framework.

Well, first of all it’s probably not correct to say that “all the software company do that”, because they probably don’t. Some do, some don’t.

Secondly, there could be at least a couple of good reasons for waiting; a) that Steinberg is busy with other development and testing (we are still waiting for Nuendo v8.3 for example which hopefully fixes serious bugs), and b) that there’s a risk that Apple (and later Microsoft) might change something close to the public release date and the testing done has then been done on a version of the OS that is not exactly the same as the release version… which would be time wasted…

PS: Rushing to install a brand new update of an OS is in my opinion never a good idea if it’s on a computer that needs to work ‘all the time’. It’s better to wait at least a week or two to make sure there aren’t any nasty surprises. I think the same is true for a lot of software actually.

I have updated yesterday. right now it seems to be fine. But its hard to know for 100%.