Hi guys. Hope your all well.

Just a quick question. I’ve been using vst connect se within Cubase pro 10.0.50 for the last two weeks and extremely happy with it. After being offered the half price offer and weighing up the options I decided to purchase the Pro version for £64. Although the only real advantage would be multi tracking was too good to miss. However I’m informed it’s only compatible with Cubase 10.5.0 . So,I’ve purchased that too.

How come I’ve been doing performer session with a chap whose using Cubase pro 10.4.0 and he has vst pro and not Pro se installed.
So his using a slight older version of Cubase but with the full version of Vst Connect Pro.

Am I missing something here.

Many thanks


hi Gary

I don’t know who informed you that PRO only works in 10.0.50 ? Works fine in older versions, in fact it’s been around since about 2012. Version 4 has been around for a few years too.

The systems requirement page is a bit of a mess:

I’d be really interested in your experiences of using the multitrack version.

Many thanks dr.

Indeed upon checking it appears that as I’m on a imac and using Sierra it’s only compatible with Mojave or above, schooo boy error.

I’ll endeavour to upgrade my system at some point . Failing that I may see if there’s a version that’s slightly older and compatible with Sierra.

Have to say the results I’ve gotten so far are fantastic, no drop outs, quality is as good as any in house recording I’ve done, obviously that’s dependant on the performers gear but really impressed.

Here’s a recording in the pre mix stage I did yesterday.

Many thanks dr

sounding great :slight_smile:

Did you record vocal/guitar at the same time ? over vst connect ?

Only listening on laptop speakers but guitar is stereo ? Is that the offline HD transfer ?

Many thanks.

We tried both ways. A live performance with me playing guitar. Mic and di. And the singer performing live. However due to only having one pair of hands I recorded the guitar direct into Cubase , di and mic and asked the singer to perform live to the backing. Knowing the singer well as I do the only issue is I wasn’t able to monitor the reverb etc from the performers side. They do like their reverb. Not an issue.

We’re you going to attempt you playing guitar live in the studio and recording the performer singing (remotely) at the same time ?

I 100% agree about monitoring reverb at the studio end - also I need to have a SOLO button at the studio end too (plus other issues when recording DI/electric guitars and the performer talkback being open - there are ways around this but…)

Just need a lot more flexibility in routing and FXing the signal from the performer IMO

Indeed. I’m using my studio mic as the talk back mic and Di the guitar into the interface. So long as I don’t enable monitor the performer is able to use the signal form the mic to perform too.

Having installed an older version of vst connect it now shows in my Cubase but alas not in my elicencer software so unable enter the activation code…

Latest version seems to be working fine in high sierra with cubase 10.0.3 too, after some minor (preparing for a multitrack session) testing.

enter the activation code in the elicenser software ?

(and I think you can use the latest version of vst connect too ?)

great news - thanks for confirming

Really enjoying the use of connect pro. If I’m honest for me the upgrade although only gives multi tracking and 24 bit is something I’ll probably not see the benefit from important to support the developer d.

Now if I can work out how to assign the input in Cubase to the the individual tracks in a multitrack session rather then only seeing “ Vst connect” …

hi - probably best to open a new thread ?

The multitrack option is a post-recording process. During recording you only ever receive a stereo feed from the performer when actually recording.

Check out the “manager” tab to see the multitrack files - and you need to make sure they are record enabled of course :slight_smile: