Compatibilty of Cubase 12 Project Files Across Different Versions

I’ve installed the trial version of Cubase Pro 12 and I love it, but I only want to buy the Elements version because that’s enough for my purposes. Does anyone here know if it is possible to load the Pro 12 project files into Elements 12?

It is possible and what should happen is the features that are unavailable in the version used are simply hidden.

Hi Steve, thanks for your reply which helped me to do the following:

I have installed Elements on a new laptop and copied over the project folders to it. Then I checked the Pro project for any features that are not available on Elements. I found that I have used one HALION instrument that is not available in Elements, but I was able to export it from Pro and import it in Elements.

As a result I was able to import the Pro project in Elements without any issue.

Thanks again and happy Cubasing,