Compatibilty of different versions?

Hi Everybody! I started working with VST Connect SE version last week and have been able to conduct 3 successful background vocal sessions with it. I’m thinking about upgrading to the Pro version so we can try to do a multitrack remote drum session. I have some confusion about the compatibilty of different versions. Right now I own Cubase Pro 8.5 which has worked well with the SE version. The Steinberg website says Connect Pro Version 4 works with CB 9.5 and up - But it also says that the Connect Pro Version 4 TRIAL works with CB 8.5 I guess what I’m trying to figure out is whether I can either successfully use Version 4 with my CB 8.5… Or if I can’t, can I still by the Pro license and use it to work with Connect Pro Version 3 - there’s still a link in the support software downloads where that can be downloaded. Does anybody know for sure? Please advise!

The pro licence covers every version of VST connect - bu always use the latest version

I would upgrade it right away its half price. I bought it full price and kinda mad:)

Thanks DR, Thanks Chikitin. I guess I will pull the trigger on the $75 purchase of pro - can’t really beat that offer!