Comped Lanes => New Track Version or New Track?

I’m comping guitars and vocals a lot. Strangely, can’t find a key command or some menu feature to select all selected audio events on a track and isolate them from the rest. Move them to new TrackVersion or just to another track. Or at least copy them to clipboard. Something like “clean up lanes”.
When you have a vocal track that consists of 80 split audio events, you have to click 80 times to select it all. Just deleting all greyed events is faster, but what if i need to use them for double-tracks etc?

I’m not so good with programming logical editor, but maybe you can give a hint how to do that?

thanks in advance.

I can’t really answer your question directly, but what I do is create a duplicate track version and bounce down the parts. That way I’ve got all the old parts if I need to re-edit or use for doubles. I find this also helps to keep the project nimble because it reduces the number of events on the track, which helps graphics redraws etc.