Competitive Crossgrade to VST Live Pro


Beacause of the attractive Black Friday prices, I decided to crossgrade from Apple Mainstage to VST Live Pro. I submitted a proof of purchase of Apple Mainstage and I already got an e-mail with the approval.
However, when I follow the link to pay for the crossgrade I do not get the Black Friday price published in the Black Friday deals that I initially started the purchase.
I tried to submit a ticket but following all the paths over the websites for my country (Brazil) leads to a dead end at Yamaha Brazil website - it just doesn’t mention Steinberg software, just the Yamaha music products.
Please, can anyone help on how I can get the advertised price for the crossgrade?

I found the solutiuon! I got my license just fine now. It is a workaround but it works just fine. I decided to post the workaround in case anyone needs. Follow this steps:

  1. Ignore the link in the e-mail you get to continue the purchase - but of course you still need to get approved to be able to crossgrade. I mean to ignore the web LINK only.
  2. Go back to Steinberg website and put any other product in your cart (simulating a purchase) that DOESN’T required any proof of previous purchase - typically not a crossgrade.
  3. Advance the purchase process by going to payment and you will see two products in your cart, one is the random product you chose and the other should be the crossgrade with Black Friday price applied that is still there in your account waiting for you to finish the purchase process - but this time with the right price!
  4. Remove the random product you added from your cart.
  5. Only the product you want to crossgrade to will be in your cart - with the right price.
  6. Pay for it and get your license!

That is it. Thank you all anyway. I hope this helps somebody.

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That’s good of you @Intini to take the time to post your ‘workaround’ experience - very helpful and friendly, with clear steps to aid the purchase procedure.

Obviously, in the meantime there’s something here to be improved/looked into by SB and FastSpring perhaps…

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@Intini, thank you very much for the details and infos. We are looking to it.


For anyone reading this thread, the simpler solution is to apply the Cyber Weeks Coupon code (CYBERDEALS23) to the quote you receive.

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Hi Ben,

Thanks. The option to enter the Coupon Code is not clearly placed but you are correct - I didn’t see it when I tried and that is what motivated my attempt to work around it. So, if you don’t mind, please allow me to update the solution just to make the steps clear:

  1. Do follow the received quote and upon checking its contents click “Accept & Continue”.

  2. A checkout window will show, from FastSpring. At the top there will be a text link (underlined text) that says, “Enter Coupon”. Click that underlined text to reveal a text box where you can enter the coupon code “CYBERDEALS23”.

  3. Press “Use” coupon button and the price will update to the Black Friday price.

  4. Enter your payment details and press the “Pay …” button.



I paid about 174 euro for the full Spectralayer 10 pro.
It’s a good price I think :slight_smile: at least compared to the original price.