Compiling VSTGUI 4.6 on macOS

After managing to VSTGUI 4.9 on Windows, I’m trying to do the same on macOS, but I’m having troubles starting at version 4.6.

Previously I have used the libc++ (LLVM C++ standard library with c++11 support) to compile my project, but with version 4.6 I need to switch to the default compiler. Unfortunately when i do this, vstguibase.h complains that it can’t find cstdlib.

I’ve tried this on Mohave using xCode 11.3 as well as Big Sur running xcode 12.3 BETA with the same result. I suspect the issue is with a project setting. Any ideas?

I got it working… I needed to set the C++ Language Dialect to ‘C++11 [-std=c++11]’. I’m now able to build VSTGUI 4.9.

Yes. Steinberg has switched to C++11 dialect some years ago. They did also some changes with the namespaces.

If you experience namespacing problems with porting old projects “std::foo”, “VSTGUI::foo” or “Steinberg::Vst::foo” is your friend.