Comping and comp tool question.

I’n trying to figure out how to have silence as the default state for tracks I am trying to comp.

It seems as if the content of Lane 1 is the default sound source unless I use the comp tool to highlight sounds from other Lanes.

A lot of time my Lane 1 is a rough scratch and I really don’t want to hear it while I am selecting clip candidates for the comped sound.

I don’t necessarily work or find best takes in a time-linear fashion and if I don’t have a good piece for some section of the comp I’d rather hear silence, instead of a bad take, while I assemble the good stuff.

A lot of times I am using the DAW as writing tool and so it’s not the same process as rehearsing a part and playing the part through beginning to end.

Any suggestions?

I am not sure I 100% understand what you are after but to take a stab at it you record something and don’t want it on top to be heard but at the same time you don’t want to mute the track is what I am understanding.

You can make a macro to

  1. select all on track’s lane that is highlighted (track selection follows event selection in preference makes this automatic) cmd+option+a on a Mac,
  2. then use the "Nudge Down command.
  3. Set locators to selection
  4. move backup to the empty first lane and with the object select tool double click and you will have an empty region you can use the comp tool with to have silence be your default for.

Hopefully that wasn’t too far off track of what you were after.

This video from Greg Ondo might be helpful to your workflow with the comp tool.