comping and variaudio question

I’ve just upgraded to Cubase Artist 11 and have had a quick look at variaudio.

Up till now I have been using the cheapest version of Melodyne and with that you can transfer the audio of a whole track rather than an individual audio file, so you can transfer your comp of multiple takes to create a single Melodyne track. However, my first look at variaudio suggests you have to select a particular audio file rather than a whole track of audio.

So my question is, do I have to create a single audio file from my comp first before I can open a whole comped vocal in variaudio? Or can I get it to create a variaudio track from my comped vocals without first turning them into a single audio file?

Many thanks for any tips.


Comps is actually only one file. It’s only one stream (audio file), which is virtually cut to present it to the users as the takes.

Thanks very much, so when I select any segment of the comp, the whole comped track is what appears in the variaudio window? That makes sense - basically just like Melodyne then.


Yes, exactly. Plus you can see the Event Start and Event End markers to see, where is the current take of the file.