Comping Audio Needs an Overhaul!

Comping in Cubase is pretty rough. I used to use Pro Tools and of all the things I hate about it, they had comping dialed in much better than Cubase.

In Cubase, when you have multiple takes on one track version they all show up in lanes. But Cubase automatically selects audio clips to be in the comp. It doesn’t allow you to comp from an empty lane. This gets very frustrating for 2 reasons. For 1, say i’m comping a vocal and I like a certain word in the first take. I select that word with the comp tool, but the same word in the second take lasted half a bar longer. Cubase automatically keeps the end of the word from the second take in the comp. I either have to mute that clip, delete that part of the word from the second take or edit my way around it some other way.

The 2nd reason this is rough is when you try to crossfade anything while comping. Most of the time it creates a super long crossfade across the entire audio clip instead of at the intersection you were hoping for. I usually have to duplicate the track version and remove all overlapping clips before making any crossfades which is pretty annoying. Maybe they fixed this in Cubase 12? (i’m on 11) If not they should take a hint from Pro Tools when comping. Basically you are allowed to start with an empty lane and add audio clips to the comp without automatically selecting clips for you. This makes it much easier.