Comping completely broken in Cubase 11

Guys, I don’t know what the heck is going on, does anyone else has this problem with comping in Cubase 11? the hand randomly colours, the main line doesn’t follow, solo doesn’t work what’s going on?

This all looks pretty much correct, tbh. The hand does not “randomly” color, if you activate one part, it will show the original color of the part (as opposed to white when deactivated").
And solo does not work on events that are deactivated, because they are essentially muted. This is how comping works.

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Ok, I want to audition a part on the lane and colour sliced event show me the process how you do that please. Clicking “solo” should “solo” that part no matter what.

Tell me which colour is what, there are 4 colours one is greyed, one is white, one is purple and one is green, the track selected is on 10th lane with solo enabled. What is active, what is playing mate?

Only these elements are active and playing:

Ok, thank you. Now, how do I reset everything to original state, then select to audition a lane, cut the part I like, and set a colour on that part?

Guys, this is comping and highlighted track in Cubase. That was 4 years ago. look how it worked and also see the selected track colour. Why you guys breaking things that work?

To start over, select the Comp tool and hold left click to draw a range covering the whole first lane. This will glue all events back together and select the first lane for playback.

These pages from the manual cover comping pretty well. This should make it easier to understand what’s going on:

Why solo lane doesn’t work? It use to work before. Here, I am trying to listen to the lanes without comping tool enabled, this use to work before why is it disabled now? @Romantique_Tp

Ok, I have followed all the steps and suddenly the lane 5 behaves randomly can’t even change the colour for this event, and other events playing catch me if you can with me. Any solution to this why is this happening?

That’s a bug with color, not with take lanes.
I frequently encounter this bug, sometimes when you color a track only the track will be colored even if the Events are selected, and sometimes color doesn’t work at all and you need to remove the color first.

I think Steinberg should first focus on fixing bugs and major flaws in released versions before selling updates to new version. Some things honestly look like broken on purpose.