Comping help

When we record as a group we sing together a full song and so I’m in a bit of a fix with comping. I would normally record say three takes of each song back to back on cubase tracks then would have to comp manually cutting and pasting. I would like to use the new feature but here is my problem.

To set the locators to a whole song and then sing it three times without stoping would be to much for the singers and as soon as I press stop the takes end.

Is it possible to move a second take from a normal track to a lane in the first takes track or is there any way to do it better. We have to record this way as some of he group can’t cope with another method so changing our way of recording would not be an option.

Any help would be appreaciated.


Yes, of course. Just make sure that Lanes are active in the first track (it will always have an empty lane at the bottom), then drag the new take to the lane of your choice (if necessary, using the Cmd/Ctrl key to constrain direction).

Thank you both for your replies. You have been a great help. On reading them I decided to do a test and recorded a bit of piano on track 4 with a mistake in it ( not hard for me to do) then recorded the same passage again on the same track and it worked a treat. It labled the first o4 1 and the second 04 2 (not take 1 and take 2 as it does on cycle version) however when I clicked the lanes button they were both their on their own lane. This will let me do vocal comps of the group very quickly and that is brilliant. However, I have one more problem and if you or anyone can help I’d be sorted. When I use the comping - I used it at the weekend to take out a poor backing vocal from a backing track, I had a backing track with vocal and without and so I used it to replace the rubbish singing bit with the track with no singing and it worked a treat except for the problem )

When I comp there is always an audible click at the crossover point. I got this at the weekend and on my test I did above its just a quick click but enough to make it a poor edit. I got rid of it in the backing track with wavelab 7 but I’m thinking I’m doing something wrong because if they go to the bother of making comping this quick and easy in C6 I’m sure they would not leave it with poor cross overs as all your comps would have clicks all through them. So I hope its me and I’d like to know what I’m doing wrong.

Thank’s again,

Activate AutoCrossfade (the button with a a crossfade icon on it, to the right of the W and R buttons on the Track’s Inspector, then checkmark “Auto Crossfades” in the window that opens).

Thank you. I tried another small experiment with the auto crossfade on and it was night and day. I’m doing some recording on Tuesday and it will be much better now I can use the comping. It was the thing that most drew me to upgrade to C6 and I was a bit gutted when I thought you had to use cycle. There is a good video on youtube and although it’s good it gives the impression that you must use it. Glad I came here you guy’s have helped so much I really appreciate it. :smiley: