Comping issue (multiple tracks active)

Greetings, I’ve got a problem with comping tool, help me, please.

When I make multiple recording sessions to one track, comping tool goes mad and keeps active 2 tracks instead of 1.

So when I make any amount of takes within the same cycled recording everything is fine an works as it should.
But when I recrod different takes within multiple recording sessions comping doesn’t work well. So I have to mute manually other active tracks which is pretty inconvenient.

Am I doing something wrong, how can I fix this?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Hi and welcome,

This is how Comp tool works with MIDI Parts. With MIDI you can combine multiple Lanes together. With Audio you can’t.

Hi and thank you so much for the answer.
Great to know there’s no mistake.

So if I am recording, for example, 3 different sessions with 5 takes in each one on the same track, I can’t use comping tool to pick a single take to hear it, right?
I will always hear some other takes playing with my chosen one?

That’s a bit strange since anyways all takes record on different lanes.

I tried to use track versions for that task, but frankly it’s not as handy as comping.


You are right. In the MIDI world it works this way. You can layer the lanes/takes. You can’t use comping tool to pick a single take. You can Solo the lane.

The use case is a drum recording. You can record every single drum sound to it’s own Lane.

You are probably aware, there is Create Versions from Lanes function, same as the back one.

Hi Martin, thanks for clarification. Comping could be fairly handy here.
I guess I’ll have to deal with soloing lanes then.