Comping Multiple Drum Takes

Hi All

I’ve had a search that covers some of the questions I have, but not a single similar kind of dilemma…

We’ve recently recorded drums in a professional studio. It’s to a click track, and there are 14 tracks for each drum part (kick, hat, room, ribbon etc. etc.)

I’ve imported these into my Cubase project. They line up perfectly.

I’ve imported them into a folder track each, entitled Take 1/Take 2… and so forth.

My question is: we’re about to start comping them, but being as there are multiple takes each in their own folder, what is the most efficient way of doing this?

Naturally, had they been recorded into lanes, it’d be simple to use the comping tool.

However, this is slightly different, so to effectively comp BETWEEN the four folders (each with 14 tracks of audio in), what’s the best method.

Any help would be very much appreciated.


I’d probably use a different track version for each take.

And then have an additional comp track version.

Even if the individual takes have not been recorded on lanes you can subsequently put them on lanes so that each track would be dedicated to a single mic. Just make sure the lanes/takes are aligned perfectly but this should not be a problem if they were recorded on click, as you say. Then, you can place the 14 tracks (each track with 4 lanes) into one folder and when you enable the group editing on this folder, the individual lane (take) selection will also be synchronized across all the tracks. That would be a much simpler workflow, I suppose :wink:


Hi Guys

Great advice, gratefully received.

I moved them all into a Folder track, and then into individual lanes for each mic/take, as suggested, Miroslav so a big thank you.

They are all in perfect sync, and timing, and all lineup perfectly so all is good on that front.

Just need to accustom myself with Group Edit now, as I’m only used to comping vocals and bass, and individual tracks.

Thanks again, guys.