Comping Multiple Mics

Hi everyone,

I’m a little bit desperate and hoping someone can giive me some tips!

Here’s my situation:

I have vocals recorded by 3 different mics (at the same time) and multiple takes. I want to comp the takes of all 3 spearate mics simultaenously by using the group editing function.

Some takes are longer than others. I am therefore assuming that I therefore get the message that some parts are put of sync. I have tried to the events to part thing, however then I can’t acccess the individual lanes anymore.

Is there an easy way to get around this? How do you comp multiple mics simulatenously?


Is it really necessary to do the Group Editing here? This is useful, if you want to time-stretch multiple tracks at once. But I expect, you will just cut them at the same time. If you put all tracks to the same folder, you can then cut on the Folder level.

thanks for the reply!

I’m not sure I understand what you mean. Right now I have vocal takes that have been recorded with 3 mics simultaenously.

I have it set up so that mic 1 is on track 1 with all the takes of Mic 1 on the lanes below. Mic 2 is on track 2 with all the takes of Mic2 on lanes below etc…

If I comp the takes of Mic 1, the remaining mics are not being comped, and I have to manually recreate the comps which is extrmeley tedious.

If I put them all in a folder and select “group edit” I have an error message that takes might not be in sync since the length of certain takes differs. I tried bouncing all the tracks yesterday to get them to identical length, however the same error message appeared :confused:

I see, I didn’t got the point, you always want to use the same take for all mics.

I’m thinking to use a TrackVersions. This allows you to sync the “selection” in multiple tracks.

I was thinking about that as well, but thats aso rather time consuming since I have to create a new version for each comp. I think it might be easiest to do it maually for each mic…

There is a function “Create Versions from Lanes” under the Project > TrackVersions menu. This should speed it up.

Did you listen for phase issues when setting the mics up? If not trying to fix them after chopping up and comping will be a nightmare. Get the tracks in phase before you start editing.