Comping / playlist in Nuendo

Hello, I would like to know if it is possible to use nuendo comping like protools playlists. I come from protools and I really like nuendo but what bothers me and prevents me from switching Daw is this recording system in nuendo. I would like to be able to create Lanes, write them down, and not write over the Events and have other events crossed out like in nuendo.
Is it possible to have the same behaviour as pro tools?
Is it possible to create Lanes without rewriting on an Event? (That’s a little Disorganised to my taste.)

Thanks a lot

Yes, you can use “lanes” which is similar to playlists. Go RTFM when you can…


I didn’t find how to create a new lane.

Lanes are created automatically. Each recording on the same track creates a lane. To see the lanes, click the Lanes icon for that track. It will be near the Record Arm, Monitor buttons. You may have to expand the track size to see all the functions, but it’s there.


The playlist and comping in Pro Tools you sorta kinda can do it with macros in Cubase. I like the way Pro Tools does that but you can get really close. Read some of this that I posted a while back. You can also create a macro to copy an event to a “comp” track using the project logical editor. This I think will give you some ideas.

I’m going to see if I can write something up for how I’ve been working. I have a PLE where I can highlight with the range tool what I want to copy to a comp track. The track is called COMP and the macro will copy and paste to the COMP track. It actually searches for a tracked named “COMP’ and copies it. I’m not at my computer so maybe tomorrow I can post something.

Thanks a lot !

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ok. Here is a the way I do it in Cubase Pro 12. You should be able to do the same thing in Nuendo.

You can do this with any audio file. I did not invent this but I was trying to do the same thing as you. I like the way Pro Tools works for this. SO I asked Greg Ondo on the Cubase live stream on YouTube. He came up with the PLE and I stuck it in a macro so that you can assign it to the key command. To me this is far easier than using lanes and the comp tool.

What I’m doing is using lanes to record audio. Then use the lanes to tracks command to get them in audio tracks. Then create a track called COMP and Cubase will search for the track name. Of course, you can name it anything you want just so the track name is unique. The use the range tool to highlight the section of audio and press the key command.

Above is just an example. I just duplicated a vocal track and colored them different so you can see.
The magic happens in this PLE macro.


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I’m just curious, why is this better in comparison to using the Comp tool for you, please? Thank you

I record a lot of voices and I do a lot of Guitar shots too. And I need to do several tracks and choose the best ones. I like the way protools does with playlists.
I’d like to find a way with Cubase not to have Stripes events


Why you don’t record it to the Lanes in Nuendo and then do the Comping. The Nuendo Comping seems to be faster to me, because you don’t have to take care about the gaps or overlaps. Nuendo solves it for you.

Martin, I guess, for me, it is just a matter of workflow preference. It does depend on the type of music you are working with. Sometimes the tracks don’t fit neatly in alignment like vocals do. The macro that Greg came up with has really good uses. It sort of does what the up arrow in Pro Tools does on the play list. The great thing about Cubase/Nuendo is you have the flexibility to do work the way you like and are not locked into any one way.

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