Comping - select & activate Part silmultaniously

When I’m comping audio with more than a few Takes I’ll often cut it into appropriate chunks and then when Previewing the Takes/Parts color code them to indicate various things. Currently it takes a 2 step selection process to do this.

Depending on the tool
Select Tool

  1. click on the small box at bottom to Activate for playback
  2. click Part again to Select it
    Comp Tool
  3. click on Part to Activate for playback
  4. shift+click Part to Select it

It would be great if I could somehow both Select & Activate a Part at the same time - especially since the overall task is so repetitive. But I can’t think of anyway to do this.

Any ideas?


When I use the Comp Tool and click on the Audio event, this becomes activated automatically. The same when I click the “Comp controller” (bottom square) on the Audio event, the event becomes selected immediately. Am I missing something?

Some visuals to clarify. In the attached are 4 Lanes each with a different take on them.

  • Initially Take 1 is both Selected and Activated to play.
  • Then I Activate Take 2 so it plays, but Take 1 still remains selected
  • Then I change the color (off screen) to green and you can see Take 1 not 2 turns green
  • Ctrl+z to return to initial colors
  • Next I Activate Take 3 and then separately Select Take 3
  • This time Take 3 turns green not because it is Activated to Play, but because it is Selected
  • Finally I Activate Take 2 to Play which leaves Take 3 still Selected
  • Now when I set the color to tan the Activated Take 2 doesn’t change while the still Selected 3 does

Excellent explanation on this, @raino.

We have the same workflow concerning comping and the artists I work with advocate the use of color coding takes.

Hence, it is getting more and more frustrating to have to perform 2 steps using either Select or Comp tool to select and highlight the take event.

Basically, having an option to have the Move to Front (Uncover) command triggered when the Comp Tool/Object Selection Tool selects a take via a mouse click is the desired feature here.